Kiteboaring 201: Launching a Downed Kite

August 10th, 2010 by katieclack

More advanced rescue techniques from the Kiteboarder Magazine. Read the full article here. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned kiteboarder or you’re out there for your first time after going through the whole lesson process, at some point you are going to drop your kite in the water. Truth be told, there are definitely kites out there on the market that relaunch better than others.  For instance, the Best Kahoona V2 kite, and even the used kiteboarding kites,  rolls over and relaunches in no time where some of the c-kites out there take a little more finesse and technique.  If you come across someone in the water who can’t relaunch their kite on their own, follow these steps:

To launch a downed kite, first check with the rider and explain what you will do so they are ready. They may not want you to launch the kite for some reason, so make sure you communicate first.

1. Ride towards the kite, ready to grab the leading edge with one hand while you fly your kite with the other.

2. As you approach, slow down and grab the leading edge above the center of the kite. This will give you leverage to flip the kite up.

3. Power up your kite to help flip over the downed kite as you ride away.

4. As you ride away, let your hand slide down the leading edge as the kite launches. Keep your kite low and ride away as quickly as possible.

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