How to Tow Another Kiter on a Kiteboard

August 11th, 2010 by katieclack

Our last installment of advanced rescue techniques from the Kiteboarder Magazine. Read the full article here.

If someone becomes separated from their kite and is far out, they may need help getting back to the beach. Besides helping someone out, this can also be a lot of fun. During the Kiteboarding 4 Cancer weekend earlier in July, one of our buddies had a out-valve the failed after a hard crash. His kite quickly deflated into a soggy mess. It was hard to even spot him in the water without the big beacon of a kite to define him. Jason ended up dragging him in using a Slingshot kite that was big enough to carry them both to safety..

1. Ride up the kite downwind of them.

2. Tell them to put their board on and grab the back of your harness. (We like the Mystic Warrior harness which has a nice handle on the back to grab onto)

3. Once you are ready to go, tell them not to stand up on the board until you say so.

4. You will need more power than usual to pull two people out of the water. Aggressively dive the kite into the power zone.

5. As you direct the kite back up, tell the other rider to stand. This is the hardest step, because now there will be a lull in power until you dive the kite again.

6. You will probably need to head to head downwind a little to keep both riders going.

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